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Wonder why some executives are more productive and knowledgeable than YOU ! One little secret lies in the digital gadget on the palm of your hand. Discover It NOW !
 HOT STUFF  : TechTalk

Digital Savvy Executives

Pick up tips and knowledge on digital tools, platforms and solutions for your work and professional development


  • Digital platforms, practices and solutions for business and organisations

  • Tech Hacks to manage teams and lead projects

  • Must know factoids before you spend on online advertising


TechTalk is an initiative by TRIMIY - which is a full-suite digital agency that delivers digital design, digital media as well as Web & App solutions. 



Digital Tools
Digital Tools
Digital Tools
Digital Tools
Digital Tools
Digital Tools


Great tools for the digital age

to learn.


Very informative and very interesting updates.


I learnt a lot about a subject that i barely knew anything about.


TECHPOWWOWZ initiatives and activities - design and curate by TRIMIY - help you make sense of the digital transformation surrounding our lives.


We simplify tools, share techniques and connect you with people and platforms that power your productivity at work, broaden your network and enrich your digital life. 


In this fast-moving digital age, knowing what is coming your way and gearing yourself for it are sure bets to a meaningful,  productive and fulfilling life. 


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