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TechCamp : CyberSecure - Understanding Landscape & Risks

If you have not taken any actions lately to protect your corporate digital presence, systems and footprints, this Camp will turbo boost your understanding of the cyber-security landscape and cyber-risks to your business in this digital age.
TechCamp : CyberSecure - Understanding Landscape & Risks

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

About The Event

Who Should Attend

SME owner(s) / non-IT managers who :

  • Are overall responsible for their businesses cyber or IT security
  • Decide on acquiring, development and overseeing of day to day IT and digital solutions for their business
  • Work in an e-Commerce business or any business that relies heavily on web and app and digital solutions

You'll come out of the 2-Day Camp with Blueprints that maps the security risks of your own business / department and the viable solutions that could be considered for adoption and implementation for your business.

You can also choose to follow up with the implementation by forming up a team - from the networks you form and partners you meet at the Camp.

Programme Outline

Day 1

  • Understanding buzzwords and lexicon of cybersecurity world
  • Case Studies - Real Hacks - Real Impacts
  • Digital Achilles heel - A framework for SMEs
  • Mapping your business risks (Part 1)

Day 2

  • Mapping your business risks (Part 2)
  • Viable solutions - A critique of available options
  • Picking what works for your business
  • CyberSecure blueprint review

About TechCamp

TechCamp is both a learning as well as a solution platform. What sets it apart from TechStudio is that TechCamp is oriented towards problem-solving. First, as a learning platform it brings up the most up-to-date knowledge and skills on digital tools, techniques, sites, platforms and apps that are useful for work, learning and achieving a balanced lifestyle in a digital age. As a solution platform TechCamp allows participants to dive into specific field, topic and discipline and walk through with them to develop the solution(s) blueprint for their business and/or field of work. Delivered and facilitated by industry practitioner(s) of subject matter(s), every session of TechCamp contains practical hands-on activities to allow for application of skills and/or tips learnt. Participants are those who come with clearly defined problem(s) or issue(s) facing their business(es) that are related to the subject matter, field or discipline to be covered in the Camp. A key tenet of TechCamp learning is that participants get to immediately take away raw blueprint solutions for their business or field of work. And TechCamp also serves as point for participants to identify and connect with the right people and solutions for follow up such as refinements or implementation of the draft solutions.

If you are looking for a real platform to solve problem(s) of the day by learning and adopting the latest digital trends, practices and solutions, then TechCamp is perfect YOU.

  • A little about TRIMIY
    • This programme is designed, organised and conducted by TRIMIY. TRIMIY is a digital consultancy agency that is backed by over 20 brands delivering a spectrum of digital solutions in Design, Media and Web and App. As a digital consultancy agency, TRIMIY is agnostic in the use of technology and digital tools and will only share and use what is best and what works for individuals and organisations.
      • At our core, we believe that in this fast moving digital era, people and organisations need to find balance as they keep pace and adapt in a world where learning, work and play in physical sphere mesh with the digital space. TechTalks, TechStudio and TechCamp are collaboration initiatives between TRIMIY and industry-specific experts / brand partners to bring the latest in digital trends, best practices, insights and solutions for businesses and a balanced digital lifestyle.
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