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TechStudio : Guard Your Privacy & Digital Devices

Are your online habits guarding your privacy ? Are your personal devices configured to protect your privacy and detect malicious software (malware) ? Don't just guess, get hands-on tips and techniques to guard against cyber risks.

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About The Event

Who to attend ?

This TechStudio is specially designed for non-IT Professionals and Executives (any level) who :

  • Use same mobile device(s) for Personal and Work (i.e. Android or iPhone)
  • Frequently research websites, download apps and sign-up for online and cloud service(s)
  • Have been using similar mobile device (s), emails and phone number for many years
  • Have not install security applications on their mobile device(s)
  • Have not conscientiously explore and use security settings on their mobile devices(s)

You'll walk away from this TechStudio with a mobile device that :

  • Has tighter security settings
  • Rid of unnecessary apps and softwares (or even Malware or Malicious Software)
  • Savvy on the basic and easy steps to take to enhance the security and privacy of your mobile device and its usage

About TechStudio

TechStudio offers learning of the most up-to-date knowledge and skills on digital tools, techniques, sites, platforms and apps that are useful for work, learning and achieving a balanced lifestyle in a digital age. Delivered by industry practitioner(s) of subject matter(s), every session of TechStudio contains practical hands-on activities to allow for application of skills and/or tips learnt. Participants are expected to bring their own device (BYOD) when attending TechStudio - mobile devices and/or lap tops. A key tenet of TechStudio learning is that participants get to immediately take away new concept and idea(s), bring them alive them with real people connections, idea sketches, prototype(s) or perhaps even the Minimum Viable Product(s). And TechStudio connects you with like-minded people as well as grow your real people network.

If you are a creature that enjoys learning by doing, then TechStudio is perfect YOU.

    A little about TRIMIY
      This programme is designed, organised and conducted by TRIMIY. TRIMIY is a digital consultancy agency that is backed by over 20 brands delivering a spectrum of digital solutions in Design, Media and Web and App. As a digital consultancy agency, TRIMIY is agnostic in the use of technology and digital tools and will only share and use what is best and what works for individuals and organisations.
        At our core, we believe that in this fast moving digital era, people and organisations need to find balance as they keep pace and adapt in a world where learning, work and play in physical sphere mesh with the digital space. TechTalks, TechStudio and TechCamp are collaboration initiatives between TRIMIY and industry-specific experts / brand partners to bring the latest in digital trends, best practices, insights and solutions for businesses and a balanced digital lifestyle.

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