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TechTalk : How VR, AR and MR are transforming the way businesses engage target audience

Watch LIVE Demo and experience Microsoft Hololens (MR), Epson Moverio (AR) Phonebase (ARCore) and HTC Vive (VR). Before you invest time and money on any; get to know what each entails and the practical prospects for businesses - in learning, customer engagements and business operations.

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

About The Event

Who should attend ?

  • Educators interested in Instructional Design
  • Marketers exploring Engagement Solutions over Web and App
  • Event Planners scouting for Interaction Ideas with audience

Takeaways from session

  • Know the gist of digital reality (AR, VR, MR) evolution, trends and driving forces
  • Guide in accessing and optimising AR, VR and MR for business
  • Development Process & Life Cycle - Industry Practitioner POV (Point-of-View)
  • Examples of successful adoption of AR, VR and MR

You'll walk out from this session with a clear understanding of critical knowledge that will help your business decisions in the applications of AR, VR and MR.

A little about this TECHTALK

This programme is a collaboration between FX-Media Pte Ltd and TRIMIY Digital Agency. It focuses on sharing and exchanging of ideas on the latest and relevant AR and VR knowledge and applications to support learning, customers engagement and business operations. Unlike many other free or subsidised workshops or seminars, this programme does not and will not aim to sell, tout or promote any products or services. In short, it is purely a learning event.

A little about TRIMIY

This programme is designed, organised and conducted by TRIMIY. TRIMIY is a digital consultancy agency that is backed by over 20 brands delivering a spectrum of digital solutions in Design, Media and Web and App. As a digital consultancy agency, TRIMIY is agnostic in the use of technology and digital tools and will only share and use what is best and what works for individuals and organisations.

At our core, we believe that in this fast moving digital era, people and organisations need to find balance as they keep pace and adapt in a world where learning, work and play in physical sphere mesh with the digital space. TechTalks, TechStudio and TechCamp are collaboration initiatives between TRIMIY and industry-specific experts / brand partners to bring the latest in digital trends, best practices, insights and solutions for businesses and a balanced digital lifestyle.

About The Speaker :

Joeie Oon (Technopreneur, FX Media Pte Ltd)

Joeie is a well-grounded and versatile software solutions architect with over 20 years of experience in the IT space. He has specialised and acquired skills sets over domains such as bespoke Enterprise Software Solutions, SaaS, Data Management and Cloud Computing. Joeie is a strong proponent of the use of digital reality solutions (AR, VR and MR) to augment business engagements with users as well as to support business operations and events. In FX Media, Joeie has worked on digital reality projects with big brands in both the private and public sectors and this count in entities like MINDEF, Changi Airport, BMW, Singapore Discovery Centre, Singapore General Hospital, National Geographic. Joeie's work footprints also are showcased overseas in places like Shanghai (China), Hong Kong, Mexico and Taiwan. A quick trend spotter, Joeie saw the value that AR, VR and MR bring to businesses much early on; and has pivoted his learning and attention towards building top-notch capabilities in immersive technologies. Now with his vast real experience helping real clients, Joeie is frequently and quietly sought by many for his views and takes on world of immersive experience.


Latiff (Chief Executive, TRIMIY)

" It is always people that create magical experience with technology. Never ever the other way round " - Latiff

Latiff's first dive into technology was 20 years ago, in 1998, when he and a colleague came together on their own to develop an intranet site to make information accessible to about 1000 employees. At that time having a corporate webpage was not yet ubiquitous. Since then he has always carry a technology mindset; proactively leveraging on the use of technologies to power departments that he managed and organisations that he led throughout his 20-year career - in government, commercial as well as community sector. He is technologically-agnostic and believes only in championing what works. He will never swear by any technology or solutions as he believes, the digital recipes are different for each and will change over time - sometimes quicker than expected. Currently running his own Digital Agency TRIMIY, Latiff offers independent views on the design, media, web & app solutions that are apt for various businesses and industry sectors.


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